Summer visit to Flamingo LAnd

An exciting day out to Flamingo Land on a hot summers day! A bus of 50 very excited kids on the way there. Then a bus of 50 very tired kids on the way back! A huge successful trip that was enjoyed by all! 

arts and crafts

Frequently we get out our arts and crafts equipment, we have had fun making sock puppets, drawing round each other on wall paper then decorating and painting stones from the beach. Future projects are bottle animals and CD hover crafts.




Pool, table tennis, foosball, air hockey

99% of the time we have pool tables, table tennis etc available to our members, the only occasions we dont is if we plan on playing a lot of team sports or have our bungee run out.


Every week we play games and sports. We have an apprentice from Roots project that works with the kids to teach them different sports and the rules. Frequently we award prizes to the winning team or participant.

Brightening up Bridlington

​We regularly help clean the streets of Bridlington with Brightening Bridlington.  To find out more information check out the link below.

  • Here you will find all the information on our work and fund raising within the Bridlington community

Community work

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